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All That’s Left

It’s late. Later than usual, for me. Outside, the full moon transits over my house. And yours. Everyone’s house is covered by the moonlight tonight.

I sit at this desk, in this house, typing on this keyboard. There is a sudden clarity, a clear light, a relief. Miraculous, instantaneous. I am ok.

It sounds like a 70s self-help book. But it’s not. It’s just the lifting of darkness, the rising of the moon, the startling recognition of the simplicity of being. When the sun went down, I was confused. Now, in the middle of the night, that confusion has melted and all that’s left is all that is. Moonrise. Sunset.



A small selection of my photographs.

I’m learning photoshop, and recently practiced turning these images from color to grayscale (i.e., black and white).

You should be able to click on any photograph to open a gallery view of all the photos. Then you can scroll through them full-screen. Please let me know if that does not work.

The Moon, December 2011 and January 2012

One night my friend, Jen, and I went for a walk just after the sun went down, at Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz. Well, technically, it’s in Capitola. But, anyway. It’s this stretch of road, on the cliffs above beach and rocks, in a neighborhood. You just meander along, and look at the sky and the ocean below, and sometimes there’s a lot of surfers, sometimes just a few.

So, this night, I had my camera, and the moon was full, and it was cool. Really cool. Jen took a photo of me with the moon behind my head, and the streetlight lighting my hair. Do you see that moon, peeking from behind me? (Thanks, Jen. I love this photo!)

Then the next night, I was back down there alone, with a camera and a tripod. And I took some photos of the moon over Aptos and on the water.

Then another time, in January, Jen and I were down there again, walking, just at sunset (we walk together a lot). Someone had put these flowers in memorial for someone on a fence near the point where people watch the surfers. The moon was coming up behind them. I don’t know the person they were for, or why they were at that specific place.

Before I wrote this post, I walked outside my cottage in the mountains a few miles inland from the ocean. The waxing moon was sinking out of sight, behind the trees to the southwest. I almost jumped in my car and drove down to the beach for more moon photos. But, it’s late, and I’ve got to get up early tomorrow.

once in a blue night sky moon

The other night I took these photos of the moon and night sky from my window with the camera resting on the windowsill and the lens propped up on a bowl. (I need a tripod.)

I’m itching to actually work on the RAW files, but for now you get the small jpegs. Every photo my camera takes, I have it set to store two files: the RAW file, and a small-size JPG. Tonight we finally began to learn how to use Camera Raw in my digital photo class, so soon the photo quality here should be improving. Well, it can only get so good based on my ability, of course.

Meantime, hope you enjoy these. The white speck visible below the moon in some of the photos is a star (planet).

Love the effects of a "wrong" white balance setting.