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New Website LAUNCHES!

My new website and blog,, has now officially launched. Please visit it and follow that blog to keep track of me.

Blue Sky Musings is going to slowly wind down. The site will still exist – but not as my primary blog. All of that is changing now. UmaBode dot com is the site I’ve been dreaming of for a while now. I’m so excited, I can hardly sleep at night!

So, go on over, take a look around, see what you find. I hope you enjoy the content that’s already up, and soon there will be MUCH MORE. Featured guests, the Following Bruce adventure, photo galleries, lots of writings…even some vlogging once I get the GoPro I’m planning for. Big plans, people. BIG PLANS.

I hope to see you there.

Officially counting down to the Following Bruce Tour. takes you directly to that section of my site (pretty nifty)

see you on the road~


Rolling Along

The days are flying by. I’ve made a lot of progress on the new website and it should be launching within next few days. So excited I can’t even explain it.

The reality of what is about to occur is blowing my mind. I know there’s adventure everywhere. I longed for it as child and teenager but somewhere along the way, it all got log jammed. Dead trees, downed dreams, trashed memories. The river of my life slowed to a trickle. It took some time, but dagnammit if the thing ain’t flowing again!

So now as I prepare to launch the website and my first official bucket list adventure, my cells are quivering with aliveness. Nothing feels more important than what I’m doing now. It has nothing to do with metrics or followers or selling something or being seen or heard. It’s just about listening to that inner voice and doing what it says.