Austin Loves Me

Wow…that’s all I can say.

Austin has welcomed me. I am finding my way around, internally as well as externally. The slideshow below is a collection of photos from the land/farm where I’m living til the end of July (house/dog/cat sitting while my friend, Emily, explores India). It has been good to me, except the scorpions in the house were a bit much. But I (with regret) asked the landlord to spray the outside of the house, which he did, and so far it’s working.

I have found a place to live permanently, once Emily returns. It is in the SW part of Austin, in a cool neighborhood kind of tucked away and surrounded on 3 sides by the greenbelt! I can walk right onto hiking trails. This is my dream come true. I will be close to the Amala Foundation office/center, Barton Springs pool, and to everything cool in South Austin.

Totally groovy details:

  • It’s a 1/1 duplex, totally brand new, being renovated right now from the garage of a house.
  • Next door in the 3/1 main house will be my friend, Seva, and her two daughters aged 10 and 12. Built-in community, family style.
  • Our landlord, Paul, is uber cool and is including my input into the renovation. He is also giving me: washer/dryer (hookups INSIDE the unit), bed, big table to use as desk, three chairs, 2 huge bookshelves…and other things but I can’t even remember what because I’m still in shock.
  • The rent is exactly what I paid in Santa Cruz, although utilities might be more. Place is probably 3x as big, though.
  • Unit has a high-tech, efficient, brand new AC/heating unit that also purifies the air and is quiet.

I am perhaps most importantly finding my center here. In a whole new way. I feel set free, agreed with, supported to create and live entirely for the soul. To continue to deepen into what that means.

In the mornings, I sit and write. I am processing photographs and beginning to post them online. Exploring options for a website, and for making some of my photos available for sale. Why not, right?

More than anything, I am beginning to feel at home in this world. In alignment. Not needing something from outside; connecting to all I need on the inside. Blessed to be alive.


2 thoughts on “Austin Loves Me”

  1. Right on!! So happy you are feeling welcomed, centered, well there in Austin (scorpions and all). And gorgeous photos, too:)


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