ok, yes, i know photos are more interesting

I don’t have any photos here. But I need to post something. Just to kick myself in the behind. And get moving forward. Having stalled out, this is the moment to start my engine. It does not matter what I have not done in the last 24, 48, or 36 hours.

All that is over.

This is the only moment. This one.

So, with the energy of the here and now, I declare emancipation from the past.

Okay, that was helpful. Have a great moment, yourself.


3 thoughts on “ok, yes, i know photos are more interesting”

  1. Celebrating your ‘great moment’ with you – I sooooo like the way you are thinking ! That’s right, don’t haul the past behind you like a ball and chain – free thy self ! The pictures can wait – and we will savour them all the more when they are part of your future great moment ! No need to worry ! Live !

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