twirling bright

In late November, my friend Jennifer came over for a photo shoot for the portrait project I did for my black and white film class. I had my digital camera with me as well. As we were exploring the creek behind my house. Jennifer thought of going up into this lighted area at the top of the bank, while I stayed below and shot up into the  bright sun. I ran out of film right as she got to the top (I did use one photo of her going up the hill for my film project) but it was such an amazing photo op that I was super glad I had the digital right there. If we’d run back to my cottage to get film, the sun would have moved by the time we returned. The backlight created some amazing effects. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

(Also, will you let me know how the loading process was and if it took a long time? I got them as small as I could figure out but they are still pretty large.)

right through her heart
fly away

7 thoughts on “twirling bright”

  1. i really like the first one, although they are all lovely!!! The first one has this, I just captured this moment feel. I also didn’t have a long load time. love you gal, vero

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