It’s not raining. I long for it. But the days are warm, nights mild, and everything is drying out. I’m on break from school and I’m hoping to do some serious blogging over the next few weeks. Consider this a practice session. I may also start a brand new website, which may or may not end up as the new home of this blog.

Photos will be coming soon. Right now, I’m just wanting to get my feet wet, back in the saddle, eye on the prize, all that sort of stuff. Okay, did that make sense?

So glad the “holidays” are over and solstice has passed and the days grow longer. I’m making a large collage, working on it daily. Cut out a few images or words from magazines, paste them up where they seem to go. It’s good practice for letting go and allowing some greater love to move my hand.

Old habits die hard, and the past few days I’ve been lost in the mire of my mind. But today it feels more better, if you know what I mean. I’ve passed the critical point in the tunnel. I see light, just up ahead.

Hello again.


3 thoughts on “winter”

  1. Oh so happy the days are getting longer. Will you post pictures of your collage when it’s done? I’d love to see it. Be sure to post your new website info, I want to make sure I find my way over!

    P.S.: I changed to my own domain so the link in your blogroll should point to

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