once in a blue night sky moon

The other night I took these photos of the moon and night sky from my window with the camera resting on the windowsill and the lens propped up on a bowl. (I need a tripod.)

I’m itching to actually work on the RAW files, but for now you get the small jpegs. Every photo my camera takes, I have it set to store two files: the RAW file, and a small-size JPG. Tonight we finally began to learn how to use Camera Raw in my digital photo class, so soon the photo quality here should be improving. Well, it can only get so good based on my ability, of course.

Meantime, hope you enjoy these. The white speck visible below the moon in some of the photos is a star (planet).

Love the effects of a "wrong" white balance setting.


8 thoughts on “once in a blue night sky moon”

  1. Amazing photos katie – thanx for sharing ! keep up the good work ! if this is what you’re doing as a ‘beginner’, can’t wait to see what comes next !

  2. Oh wow! The second and last pics are my favorite, but all of them are incredible. Not a heck of a lot more you can do to them in post, I think, because they are already so awesome.
    What camera (and lens) are you using and how many seconds exposure did you do on these?

  3. Well, based on what I see here, I would say your abilities are great and you will go far. My favs are the first “wrong” one and the last one, but they are all good.

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