Day Two

I said I’m going to blog every day. Here’s the next day of blogging. Here I go. See me going?

Actually, blogging yesterday was quite amazing and helpful. I felt pretty good after I got done and it kicked me in the butt to get out the house and keep moving. That helps a lot.

So, I went and got my dog, Jake, who lives with other people now, and took him to the beach. That was super fun for him because he ran and ran and for me because I took photos of him running and running and it was just lovely there.

Then I had dinner with my friend, Dresden who is a poet and a friend from Mount Madonna Center and from the Global Youth Peace Summit. A kindred spirit. An inspiring voice.

I feel blessed this morning. Reminded that if you don’t like the weather in San Francisco (or my own mind), wait a few minutes. Or walk a few blocks.

Some photos I took at a silent morning activity at the Global Youth Peace Summit last month:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


5 thoughts on “Day Two”

  1. I’ve been trying to blog every day. Some days I don’t feel like it, and today was one of those days. But I did anyway, and felt better afterwards. At least I felt better about the blogging, but in general today is just a day I’d rather spend sleeping off whatever is dragging me down.

    Glad you pushed through and blogged. I really think it does keep my writing gears oiled to do it daily.

  2. Love the photos – the young people in them are so expressive! My favourite pic, though, is the shot of the pink bicycle. It is so evocative it is almost haunting.

    1. and oh yes yes it’s true the pink bicycle is so cool…i have a whole bunch i took that are quite similar of that bicycle and i have a hard time choosing which is my favorite.

      These youth are so inspiring to me and that morning they were amazing, in their silence, walking blindfolded toward the occasional drum beat. Finding their way home.

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