holy cow

That is such a strange expression. Holy Cow. I wonder where it came from.

Anyway, here’s the deal. I’ve been dead tired and depressed and not sure why or what is going on. I am happy about school but not really feeling that happiness. Happy about photographs but having to push myself to do anything at all. Last night I took a bunch of photos of the clothespins on the clothesline at my house.

And an artichoke one of my land-mates planted.

I have some black and white film shots too. After I get them developed, I’ll try to get them scanned in and add them to this post at some point. Or put up another one.

Meantime, I’m trying to decide which classes to keep and drop. It’s a drag because I want them all, but am afraid I’ll burn myself out. I have a job now, too. Part time botanist again, at a small firm called Avila and Associates. The owners are a couple. I like them. They like me. I want to do good work for them. So I don’t want to take on so much at school that I can’t deliver. And, besides, I need the money.

All that love and openness I experienced at the Global Youth Peace Summit seems to be in hiding. Somewhat. I know it’s not really something outside of myself. But that is easier said than experienced. Okay, but you know what else? Sugar. Seriously. Sugar=depression. And this summer I managed to not eat a lot of sugar, except here when I got home. So, starting today, no more sugar. Or very little. After all, Wednesday IS my birthday and I don’t want to deny myself cake. You know.

Well, that’s the update from the Santa Cruz Mountains. It’s another foggy day in paradise. Like, seriously. Foggy. And cold. “SIGH” It was great to get out and be HOT this summer, even if sometimes that 100+degree-heat was killing me. Cuz here by the Pacific Ocean in central/northern California, let me tell you, it DOES NOT GET HOT. So if you come to visit, bring long pants. And a jacket.

Oh, and by the way. I was thinking I might start blogging every day. You know. Just to keep things interesting. I can’t guarantee if I’ll actually keep up with it (because you can’t guarantee anything, really, anyway). But if it starts clogging up your inbox (if you get these emailed to you), you can always change the settings on your subscription. No, I don’t know how to do that. But I’m sure it’s easy.


2 thoughts on “holy cow”

  1. Love the artichoke pictures… and musing about Holy Cow;) And, seems to me, some of the sadness may just be that let down of day-to-day life not being quite like the Peace Summit. I’ve often had icky feelings come up in me after moving through amazing, heart-opening moments. Why can’t life always be lived on a ‘high’? ANYWAY, hoping that today is an up, beautiful, sweet day cuz it’s your BIRTHDAY. Lots of love, maria

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