with love

just a quick post
to say I’m alive and well

Last week I volunteered at the Global Youth Peace Summit, outside Austin, TX, USA. It was a fantastically heart-opening experience and I’m feeling the after-affects. I’m sad to be on my way back to California, and I miss being at the Summit, a global village of support, healing, and love. It’s hard to explain what it’s like, but one of the other volunteers said it’s like “boot camp for your heart.” Mine has probably grown 10 times it’s size and capacity in just one week.

I was honored to be able to volunteer as a photographer and as the coordinator of the food love team’s schedule. (Food love = hard work in the kitchen.)

The youth come from refugee, immigrant, and insulated suburban communities in the Austin area, and some from other states, and a few from other countries. This year we had an Israeli girl and two Israeli-Palestinian girls from a peace organization in Israel. Heart-opening, healing, seeing and being seen, listening and being heard.

I made a video of some of the photos taken by me and three other photographers. You can see it here


I hope it captures even a bit of the magic and love of that experience. Also, the second song on the video was written by one of the youth and recorded by him and two others at the summit last week.

I myself am trying to fundraise $1000 or more to help the Amala Foundation create the Summit. My minimum is $325 and I’m still short of that. If you feel inspired to help out, please donate here:



8 thoughts on “with love”

    1. hey funny you should say that, dear one, because we are going to! Possibly a GYPS in CA as soon as next summer (2012) and I know Vanessa Stone wants to do much more in CA. So maybe you can volunteer at GYPS CA 2012. I would love that.

  1. What a beautiful video! There is something extraordinary, almost life affirming working with young adults. You have done a magnificent job and I’m sure that they will all be very grateful to you for your effort. A big two thumbs up!!!

    1. First of all, thank you so much for your words about the video. And I have to say that working with youth is definitely extraordinary and DEFINITELY life-affirming. Maybe next summer you can come and volunteer, scribbla. Quite a number of African countries are represented, but this year Namibia was not. I’m not sure if you have been in the past. Perhaps you can help link us to youth there. ❤

  2. It is always a great feeling to know that not everyone out in this world has forgotten about these kids!! Just for them to have seen you there with your camare might have put smiles on their faces! Good job may God Bless those kids!

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