simple pleasures

It’s just after the  crack of dawn in Crystal Lake, IL. I sit on the couch in my sister’s house, listening to the sounds of a new day—no, actually, all I hear is the yakking inside my head, and the air conditioner flipping on and off. I’ve been up for almost an hour already. The sky has passed from pink to light blue.

Today, I’m flying to my brother’s in Putnam Lake, NY. It’s my summer family tour. And my 30th high school reunion this coming Friday night. Of which, believe it or not, I’m the organizer. I’m not honestly sure how that has happened, as I would have been “stoner least likely to organize her high school reunion” in 1981. However, here I am, organizing the freaking reunion.

Out of a class of about 270, I would say I’ve found (or someone has found and told me) about 170 people. Maybe more (thank god for facebook). And about 60 of them, some with spouses or dates, are coming to the reunion. This week I have flowers to buy and name tags to make (copying yearbook photos and pasting those senior photos onto 60 nametags is gonna be SOOO much fun).

Me, I’m doing well. Enjoying the unfolding summer. Last night my oldest nephew asked me how my vacation with them had been. I said, “Great.” Then I realized—my whole life feels like a vacation these days. I am lucky. I don’t have money, but for the the first time in a long time, maybe ever, I have enjoyment of what I do each day.

And that is worth a million bucks.


9 thoughts on “simple pleasures”

  1. This made me feel good about myself this morning. Sometimes I let myself feel as though I need to do more in my life. But the reality is: I’m quite satisfied with where I’m at. I may not have money left over from the bills, but I don’t “want” for much, at least nothing I can’t forget about. 🙂

    1. That makes me very happy, Cheshire Cat. If there’s only one thing I can do in life, and that is to help anyone feel good about things as they are, then I’m satisfied. And to you, I say: good work.

    1. wow. really? It gets icy cold in Africa? Man, it’s embarrassing how many preconceived notions I have about other parts of the world. At any rate, it’s good to hear that you got some warmth here at my blog, and good to hear from you at all. So good to have you back.

  2. Here’s to life feeling like a vacation! yahooo….. that’s how it should be. And, I loved reading your flash prose (beautifully descriptive prose there!)

    1. maria, maria, I miss you.

      Please hug the lovely Mirella for me, and give yourself and Antonio hugs as well. See you in the autumn. Thanks for being such a faithful reader, commenter, and friend! Love.

  3. Uhm, wow, Putnam Lake?! Did you actually live on the lake or in Patterson, near the lake? I ask because, well, we are neighbors! I spent summers there, my parents had a weekend home within walking distance of the lake, and I spent just as much time there as my “home” growing up. Are you sure we didn’t know each other as kids?

    1. I grew up in Katonah, NY. Went to John Jay High School. My brother and his wife bought a house in Putnam Lake years ago, and have raised three boys there. Turned it into a lovely oasis. Are you still in the area? I live in Santa Cruz (CA) now.

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