Summertime is here. Is the living going to be easy?


Whew. Finished a semester.  What a challenge. More than anything, an internal journey that brought up every single negative thought I’ve ever had about who I am, what I can or can’t do, my worth as a creative person, the value of my creations, and the idea of myself as an artist: a writer, photographer, film maker, screenwriter, multimedia artist, performance artist.

I have created next to nothing so far in my life. But I am brimming over with desire to create, and with things to say and share.

This first semester has kick-started the writing process and provided technical learning about photography and creative software available to me.  It has been exhilarating, death-defying, death-inducing, fun beyond belief and incredibly fulfilling.  I am so so so grateful to the voice inside that continues to stand by me and guide me without words but with sensation, image, clarity. Also to the friends and family who continue to believe in my dreams and hold up a mirror that says, “yes you can.”

Now, the summer is here. (Although Santa Cruz is breezy, chilly and rainy late into the start of the “dry season.”) And adventures beckon. I invested in two cameras, Canons, one film and one DSLR. I bought both used on eBay, older models in good condition.  I’m doing The Artist’s Way and delving deep to find and melt the blocks to my creativity. I’m going to be traveling again, will go to the Global Youth Peace Summit in Austin again. This time with camera(s) in hand.

Life is good.


6 thoughts on “Summertime is here. Is the living going to be easy?”

  1. As someone traveling on their own creative journey I can say that it seems to be part of the creative soul, to doubt their own creativity. Take the doubt as a sign of the creativity! The photo you included with the post clearly shows the talent you have, beautiful. Have fun, enjoy the summer and the living may not be easy but it is still enjoyable!

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