screenplays and other scary undertakings

This week I developed my first-ever roll of B&W negatives and wrote 11 draft pages of my first-ever screenplay. Wow. Talk about moving through some shit. There are aspects of these endeavors that are terrifying. And it is that very emotion which makes them also exhilarating and liberating. Yes, I’m learning about developing story and the technical aspects of screenplays and photography, and about what makes a photograph good and not-so-good, but more than any of that—I’m learning about my personality, thought-habits and knee-jerk reactions.

More on these things later, but for now I just wanted to get a note down so I don’t forget.

Oh, right, and I’ve also written about 8-9 double-spaced manuscript pages of the first draft of a memoir.  Ain’t going to school grand?

During the next 10 days: print the photos, revise first 4 pages of memoir (and/or write more of it), learn about and complete a project in Adobe In-Design, write another 5 pages on the screenplay. Yes, I’m happier than I ever remember being in my whole entire life.

Sending love from the mountains and ocean of Santa Cruz. Be well, all of you. And be good to yourself.


2 thoughts on “screenplays and other scary undertakings”

    1. thanks, scribbla! Didn’t I see a tweet on your blog that you are/were writing a screenplay in 9 days? How is that going? I will post some B&W’s at some point. Haven’t learned how to print yet, and am not sure if any of the first “practice roll” are worth printing yet. But there will be more as the semester goes on. Also, I have a ton of color digital stuff I shot this summer. Just a point-n-shoot Canon, but some are decently interesting.

      Thanks for your responses and comments here. I haven’t read your 500 club yet cuz I want to write mine first. But I look forward to yours.

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