christ-mas eve

Still no word on the Austin job – but I am feeling more and more that I’m staying here in Santa Cruz.  It just feels right here.  That is a relief, to feel something arising as “right.”  Not having clarity was getting difficult. I spent the day yesterday with a good friend and saw the movie Black Swan.  Wow.  Loved it, but it was INTENSE.  Be prepared if you go to see it.

Today is the day before Christmas.  I am excited to go to a solstice ritual at my new home with my new housemates in the late afternoon, then Inner Light Ministries for a Christmas Eve service.  And if I can stay awake, I’m going to go midnight mass at a Catholic church.  Doing a juice and soup and salad fast today and tomorrow.  A holiday cleanse.  One of the number of nice things about spending Christmas alone this year.  Planning to spend a good amount of time tomorrow doing yoga and sitting in silence.  Today I’m going for a walk on the beach in a little while.

Prayers for peace in the heart and being of everyone, going forth into the world and to each of you reading this.

May warmth, love and clarity be with you.

First snow on the Farm. Wenatchee, WA

4 thoughts on “christ-mas eve”

  1. Hey Katie, just wanted to let you know i’ve been reading all your postings and wish you (and the whole Bode family) the best of holidays. Here’s hoping 2011 will beat expectations too.

    1. thanks, Blake – sending those good wishes right back atcha

      I appreciate you reading and commenting. Finally listened to your music clips just now on your site. I like what I heard and will listen to more soon. I’m also going to pass it on to some of my friends who I think will also like it. You guys are awesome!

  2. Happy Holidays, Katie. Fasting or stuffing, praying or playing – however anyone spends Christmas day and every day is the right thing to do if it’s done in the right spirit. Whether it’s a holiday for you or not, joining in celebration however you prefer to do it is the right thing to do.


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