rainy morning coffee and where’s it going now?

Ahhhh.  The satisfaction of waking up on a wet day, making a cup of coffee, and just sitting.  I have to admit, it’s hard to avoid the computer these days.  Facebook, email, blogs, netflix.  They take my attention. So I’m writing this blog, and then I’m taking a long computer break.  I am.  For at least an hour.

Something I left out of the last blog was that I had a phone interview for a job in Austin, TX.  It was on Thursday. It is very difficult to think about this, because I’m making myself somewhat crazy with the option.  I would love to live in Austin, but I also am so happy to be back in Santa Cruz.  The job:  environmental specialist with Travis County, assisting in the management of the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve.  It is a very good fit with my background and interests, and it is more of an administrative job than a biologist job.  Which is a GOOD thing.  But, still, it is a job in the field I am trying to leave.

It would mean move to TX.  It would mean waiting on taking classes and while I can still write and do other creative pursuits and get more involved with Amala Foundation and other exciting things in Austin — it would really hitting a pause button on the current direction of my life.  However – it would also mean a steady income. And that…that would be a VERY NICE THING right now.


Santa Cruz?


Santa Cruz?

biologist/steady job/new home/get to know my nascent community in austin/do more with Amala?

pursue the artist in me NOW/no steady income source/santa cruz and all that’s here for me now?

Well, it’s all just in my mind for now, as I won’t know about the job for a while.  Probably not til next week.

Here in Santa Cruz is another thing – satsang and non-dual teachers like Adyashanti, Mokshananda, Jon Bernie.  Inner Light Ministries.

All stuff I love and am so fed by.  mmmmm…rain and coffee.  my kind of morning.  have a great day!


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