Santa Cruz, Sausalito, San Rafael and Oakland

In New Mexico. Going for a ride.

Visiting at the places that have been home for the past 20-plus years.  Starting in Santa Cruz – burgers at “Burger” with Theo, garlic fries at “Saturn” with Jen and Theo and, lest you think all I’ve done is eat greasy, deep-fried food fest, know that I’ve also made kichari.  Once.  It’s so nice to be here.  Right now, I’m in Jennie-girl’s living room, waking up in foggy Sausalito, drinking coffee with honey and milk.  We will go for a walk soon, then it’s off to Oakland to see a few more friends.

The past few days I’ve done a lot of things that needed to be done, most importantly, I have been getting rid of stuff.  Stuff.  Wow, how do I accumulate so much stuff?  It’s nice stuff. Not super nice, but nice enough.  And it’s all leaving.  I’ll keep some clothes, shoes, shampoo.  You know.  Stuff you need every day, to protect you from the elements and keep you clean and healthy.  And, of course, my computer. And my printer.  Photographs.  My dad was a writer, and I’ve inherited 3 boxes of his writings, which I am sending to my sister for safe-keeping.  Other than these things, I’m giving or selling it all.  Phew!  It feels so good to release all these things.

Monday I leave, head north to Wenatchee, WA for the next 3 months, or more.  I’m researching writing programs and might end up at a different school than Naropa.  There are other schools that seem great also, and have concentrations in “creative nonfiction” and also, importantly, have more funding than Naropa does.  But, Naropa is super cool.  I visited Boulder and LOVED it.  Mostly, I just want to write, be with other writers, immerse myself in writing and reading and being critiqued and critiquing and writing and writing and writing.  For the fun of it, for the beauty of the words, for expression and impulse realized.

So, this winter will be about growing things, and about writing and applying to schools.  I am also going to see if I can find a place to live and work in Hawaii this spring.  Do you know of anyplace?


One thought on “Santa Cruz, Sausalito, San Rafael and Oakland”

  1. I’ve known u for 8 years, and this is the most happy and excited I’ve ever known you to be. Way to make your dreams come true! Live life, enjoy your day and celebrate what is! Love you . Xoxoxo

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