on the road. again. {and birthday wishes}

from the roadtrip out to Austin - somewhere in Arizona, I believe...

Okay, I’ll start by saying that roadtrips can begin to be overrated and underfunded.  That’s how I’m feeling right now.  I’m done with driving, but it’s not done with me.  I drove from noon til 9 today, and have another full day in the car tomorrow (probably 8 or more hours after adding in food and bathroom breaks).  Then, thank some spirit-being, I am going to be at my brother’s place near Pie Town, New Mexico for a week.   Then a weekend in Sedona with a long-lost college friend.  Then a few more days on the road. Then back to Santa Cruz.

I am feeling and saying a great big YES to Santa Cruz as my home now.  It feels great.  I’m looking forward to going back and discovering a whole new life for myself there now.  Some no-longer-needed layers have been peeled away on this journey. I refuse to settle for a life I do not want to live. I have not arranged my life for freedom only to live it in boredom.  That is my manifesto for tonight.

And my birthday wishes (yesterday~September 7).  I wish:

1. to the be the artist I was born and yearn to be – to study and practice the arts of writing and photography and whatever else I feel drawn to

2. to build my capacity to love others, to be a friend, and to support others

3.  for love, true and strong, to fill me and emanate from me

4.  for my life to be made use of

5.  to walk the path of truth and to discover ever more deeply just what that means

And I’m adding a 6th:

6. to write in my blog at least once a week, to read other blogs, to learn about blogging and to put 100% effort into finding out if I want to become a serious blogger


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