it’s raining epiphanies

So these epiphanies have been raining down on me like the big droplets of water in the thunderstorm the other day. I was running around in the rain, doing cartwheels, waiting til they let us back into Barton Springs Pool. (They had made us all get out when the lightening came.) That was fun, but anyway, these epiphanies about me, and my life, are starting to fall out of the sky, and sometimes they are like lightening and have thunder accompaniment as well. Ideas crashing down on me.

What I’m seeing is, 1) some of what I thought I wanted to do, I don’t know if I do want to do (dja get that one?), and 2) most of what I do want to do I haven’t let myself dream that I could do.

1) I don’t know if I do want to run an organization, or be involved in the running of one.
2) I want to let the artist in me out already. The creative, writing, photographing, blogging, memoir-ing, weaving, beading, spinning, sewing, poeting, screenwriting, movie making, who-knows-whating person that is in me waiting to get out–YEAH her! I want to let her out. I want to get to know her.

So, I think I will.


6 thoughts on “it’s raining epiphanies”

  1. Uma, I have missed you since leaving and alos the springs have been closed form the rains, but reading this I am uplifted. I too am having the call to my art and give you a big hooray! and support from here šŸ™‚

    1. I miss you too, sweet thundercloudcat friend of mine! I am very excited about possiblities opening for me. I am so sorry the springs have been closed! Hope they open soon. sending you much love and support in being the artist you are. šŸ™‚

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