Wenatchee, WA

Grace and her heirloom tomatoes. Sunset at Spencer Fruit Organics farm. Happy days. Happy fruit.

I arrived in Wenatchee, WA, about a week-and-a-half ago.  Since then I’ve been soaking up the good vibes of friends old and new, and being nourished by homegrown organic fruits and vegetables. I’ve also been falling in love with a land of color and wide open spaces.  While I’ve been living in the “west” for over 20 years, a very pertinent fact is finally sinking in to my somewhat waterlogged mind–while California may be west of the Rocky Mountains, the golden state is truly an island unto itself, and very different in ecology and geology (not to mention personality, culture and sensibility) than the rest of the western United States.  Nothing like getting in your car and driving north for 4 days, camping each night in a different National Forest, to convince you that this land is filled with various landscapes that can take your breath away.

Now, staying in Wenatchee, nestled between the Columbia River and the eastern flank of the Cascade Mountains, I am stunned over and over again by the beauty and spacious welcome of this land.  It was not what I expected.  I’m not sure what I thought it was going to be like here, but I was not prepared for the stunning beauty of this place.  A few pictures here, but mostly they will be of the journey up from Santa Cruz.  I have to download the many many pics I’ve taken of this place since I arrived.  Next post.  I promise.

From the farm around sunset time. That is a little yurt that Pamela lives in.
the chickens, the mountains
yes, this is what you see from the farm - looking west - Grace and Bruce actually live in a house they built and designed up at the top of that mountain - it's not as sheer as it looks. But the dirt road up there is, well, a dirt road. with lots of bumps and hairpin turns but worth every bounce!
heirloom tomatoes, grace-grown, fresh off the vine at sunset

Okay, let me tell you that Grace can grow a mean heirloom tomato.  Considering that this is her first year of being completely in charge of the garden from start to finish, I do believe that she has a long and illustrious career as a farmer ahead of her.  Farmer Grace.  GO GIRL.

Grace and I lived together for just under 4 months in Santa Cruz last year.  Although that sounds like a short time, all I can say is that there were connections made last summer in that house that cannot really be explained.  People of like-mind and heart coming together, laughing and playing, cooking meals and communicating honestly if (okay, WHEN) conflict comes up-these are the ingredients and recipe for true friendships.  And that is what happened.  I feel like Grace is part of my extended, endless family of kindred spirits, making love of life and living fully, according to the most authentic inner guidance they can hear.

I have been working in the mornings for my old company, doing some data entry tasks that are boring but financially rewarding – and the more I can earn, the longer I can keep exploring.  Since I’m not sure yet what I want to do when I settle down, I’m not yet ready to do that (settle down, that is).  Meantime, some more interesting work is probably coming down the pike as well.  It’s good to have that, and I feel very lucky for it as well.  In the afternoons it has been REALLY hot, up in the 90s so most days I go into town and explore and find an air conditioned cafe.  I also hang out with Grace and her wonderful and perfect-for-her partner, Bruce, as well as Michele, who lives on the farm and works with them some, and Pamela, an intern on the farm who is from Ecuador.  Pics of them here:

Michele - such a beautiful shining light of a spirit - and gonna be a mama soon - baby due in February!
This is Pamela. She's showing off the glass pie plate that she got for her birthday last week. We had a fun little lunch party to celebrate.
This is Bruce - he's asking why Pamela's pie plate matches the color of her nails. Did you notice them?

Okay, that’s the gang from the farm.  They also have two dogs, 3 goats, 2 pigs and a dozen or so chickens.  I’ll post those pics later.  Jake (my dog) has been having a GREAT time with the other dogs – although the heat is definitely getting to him a lot.  Right now, I’m working in a cafe in town but I’m going to post this blog and blow out of here.  They’re making jam and pickling cucumbers back at the farm.  I gotta go learn me somethin’ bout such practical matters.  Much love and look for more posts (and pics) soon.


3 thoughts on “Wenatchee, WA”

  1. Uma you sound like you’re in a good place. I follow your blog and love it. May you find whatever it is you are searching for. Enjoy the beautiful place where you are staying

    1. Thanks, Patty. It’s fun to hear you call me “Uma.” I hope you are doing well also. I’m so glad you read my blog. I have to start writing in it more. Knowing you are reading inspires me.

      love to you
      Uma Katie

  2. It looks beautiful Uma! Say hello to Grace for me. 🙂 Glad you and Jake are having a fun road trip and adventure together. xoxoxo

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