Post lengths. Dog in a Tree.

I know the previous post is REALLY LONG – but I hope that it will flow easily and that you will be able to read it.  I will see about making future posts shorter. And adding pictures.

here’s a photo of my dog in a tree yesterday

Jake climbs into this tree after me. He loves it up here. At last, he's tall.

7 thoughts on “Post lengths. Dog in a Tree.”

  1. Hey Ms. Katie….really enjoyed reading your blog. Long but worthwhile. Much of what you said resonates deeply within my soul and as we both know, our paths did cross for a reason. I’m glad we shared that special time together and that now that we’re going in different directions, we carry some similar truths in our heart. Isn’t that amazing? It’s not like we talked about those things or decided to agree or anything of the like, but that truth was alive and vibrant in the house while we all lived there(and probably still is, even though i’ve left). It saturated us and filled us up. That is so beautiful to me. You are so beautiful and I know without a doubt that you are going to happen yourself right into the right thing/place. It’s all falling together so much better now that you’ve let go. I’ll keep you in my prayers and blessings and I hope that the idea of service continues to unravel itself to you. Much love my friend.

    1. you big lovable hug of a friend – so much love to you – i feel that my path is going to bring me up there to live on your farm and work with you someday – sooner or later. Missing you and yet so happy you are in your home, sweet with the warmth of the right place, right man, right rows of crops and barns of animals…xxoo

    1. thanks, Michael…there are lots more where this one comes from. short dogs or short pictures or short posts? OH, short attention spans. got it! 🙂

      Katie – santa cruz, ca

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