Hello world!

I like this title of my first post, provided by WordPress…Hello World!

Welcome to my first blog.  What will I say here? – well, probably so many things. I plan to share about the life I’m embarking on, the adventures to come and the decisions that will be made.  So, it’s going to be a good way to keep up with what is happening with me.

Also, I may write about things I find interesting, from movies and books to food, technology, environmental issues, and more.  I will probably write about spiritual growth from perspectives both personal and theoretical.  I may share poems and even longer writings – and this site may serve as a place to develop writings.

I welcome you here, and welcome your feedback.  Conversations make things so much more interesting.

Well, that’s all for now.  But stay tuned, because there’s lots more to come soon.


5 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  1. Where’s the biographical part?

    Looked all over the blog, but could not determine what info Blue Sky Poet wants to share with the world. Where’s the “About” about?

    Cm’on. At least give us a name. How about hometown, (got Hawaii, California and a far off land like Pennsylvania, but where was the Poet raised?) a field of study at school or type of work last done (I know you quit your job, but why? How did you get so independently wealthy? Any kids? Where’d the dog come from? Give a little, Blue).

    With that all said, let me add:


    michael j

    1. ha! ok, glad that according to your other comment you were satiated but i’ll throw out a little more, since you’ve asked:

      I think you found the About page so you know I’m from NY state. A little town called Katonah, about an hour north of NYC.

      I was a botanist, have an advanced degree in the subject and yet am not interested in it, beyond a general caring and appreciation for plants, and a love of looking at them, and gardening.

      I quit because of the sort of things this blog will discuss. Starting with the long one on service.

      I am not independently wealthy. Not one little bit. I’m just stretching the little dollars I got to last until I figure out what’s next. Or if not, I’ll find something to do.

      No kids. Dog came from the universe, by way of a rescue organization in Marin County, where I used to live, north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

      Satisfied? 😉

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